“Unweaned” Birds

OPA’s Position on Selling “Unweaned” Birds

The Organization of Professional Aviculturists endorses the sale of unweaned birds only when such sale is made to individuals or business entities whose experience and expertise in applicable husbandry skills have been verified either by reputation or demonstration.

It is not necessary to purchase an unweaned bird to accomplish bonding. Birds weaned in the varied environment of a pet shop, or with proper socialization on the part of the private breeder or hand feeder, will bond quite well with new owners.

Any person or business entity purchasing any bird, whether hand-feeding or weaned, should only do so from sellers which have the ability, willingness and means to educate the buyers as to proper care and maintenance of the bird, and are easily re-contacted in the event that further information is needed.

Regulations Concerning “Hand-Feeding” Psittacines

The Organization of Professional Aviculturists recognizes the need for humane treatment of psittacines. However, the OPA does not agree that the selling or feeding of “unweaned” birds is an issue requiring legislation.

California A.B. 202

TITLE : An act to add Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 122320) to Part 6 of Division 105 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to birds.

The Bill as originally written, would have prohibited anyone who sells birds to be in the possession of a bird that is unweaned, regardless of whether it was in the hands of an experienced aviculturist or in the nest box with its parents.

The OPA was an active participant in the rewriting of the Assembly Bill introduced by Congressman Corbett on January 28, 2003. OPA opposed this bill, as did the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), and the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA); however, the rewriting brought some improvements.