Statement of Purpose of OPA


The heart of the OPA mission is to:

  • Promote standards of excellence in the practice of aviculture;
  • Protect the rights of all aviculturists to keep and breed birds;
  • Protect the right to own pet birds; and
  • Serve the avicultural community as its conscience, watchdog and forum.


  • We shall seek recognition of aviculture as a profession.
  • We shall provide aviculturists with the means of working together as an industry.
  • We shall provide an environment where members of the entire avicultural community can come together to share their knowledge and concerns.
  • We shall provide aviculturists with the tools to serve the pet bird market, resulting in benefits for both the pet bird owner and the birds.


  • We believe that the practice of aviculture is a valued profession deserving of recognition.
  • We believe that the cornerstones of aviculture are integrity, knowledge, responsible avian care, and a sense of stewardship both in the perpetuation of bird species and in our relationships with fellow aviculturists.
  • We believe that an informed public will be able to understand the difference between avian welfare and animal rights, and will not hestitate to take a stand with aviculturists, supporting welfare, but rejecting the advance of an animal rights agenda which seeks to encumber aviculturists, pet owners and authoritative bodies with unnecessary legislation.


  • Establish the profession of aviculture and promote its practice;
  • Foster an atmosphere of mutual respect between members;
  • Encourage ethical business and husbandry practices;
  • Generate networks of assistance;
  • Develop an avicultural knowledge base; and
  • Protect the rights of the industry.