Poicephalus Parrots Make Great Pets

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12 Reasons Poicephalus Make Great Pets …

  1. A real parrot in a small size. For those wanting a small parrot a Poicephalus is perfect, and for those people wanting something larger, the un-cape is about the size of a small African grey.
  2. Price is from $500.00 to about $2,000.00, so they are available in all budget sizes too.
  3. They are loyal to their families and expect the same in return.
  4. They DO NOT need a “friend” to keep them company, which makes them ideal for a person wanting an “only” bird.
  5. The noise level is quite low, and makes them enjoyable additions to a quiet family, but they fit into a noisy family too.
  6. Poicephalus are playful and can entertain themselves for hours on end.
  7. They are smart, can learn some tricks and they learn their people well too.
  8. Most all talk to some degree, with some attaining huge vocabularies.
  9. Cage cost is usually less than the cost of the bird.
  10. Poicephalus will eat a variety of foods with little coaxing.
  11. There is a temperament to suit most everyone’s personality.
  12. Their expected lifespan can be over 30 years.

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