Membership in the Organization of Professional Aviculturists

Become an OPA Member

Please see the About OPA section for information before choosing to apply, and the Membership Agreement which must be signed by all members at the time their applications are submitted.

We ask for your mailing address on the form, but you may instead choose to fill out only the city and state and send your address separately to the OPA Corporate Secretary. Your phone number is optional. Members’ mailing addresses are required under Florida Statute, Title 36 ยง 617.0601,4. The Board of Directors will keep all mailing addresses confidential.

If you find you have any questions about OPA or about the form, feel free to email the OPA Secretary. Please allow a few days for approval of your membership. Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors If you know an OPA Member you can give as a reference, that will speed up the process.