Goals of the Organization

OPA’s Mission is to promote standards of excellence in the practice of professional aviculture and to protect the rights of all aviculturists to keep and breed birds, as well as the general citizenry’s right to own pet birds.

The following Goals were approved by OPA’s founding members, and determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be acceptable within OPA’s structure as a 501(c)(6) organization.

  1. To achieve consideration by legislative bodies as an economically viable industry.
  2. To speak with a unified professional voice so our influence is felt and legislative and judicial branches of our government recognize our rights to self-determination.
  3. To be the organization that determines who has attained professional avicultural standards and underwrite an acceptable certification program that is nonbiased as to methodology.
  4. To actively seek the passage of legislation in favor of our industry as well as influence the interpretation of, or effect a change in, existing legislation that affects our industry.
  5. To actively seek ways to include both supportive and dependent industries in the organization so that a broad power base can be used to achieve goals.
  6. To obtain the rights of direct access to the services of all pathology and clinical laboratories as appropriate to our industry.
  7. To obtain access to a full range of antibiotics and to encourage the development of formulated medications that meet the needs of our industry without the need for a prescription from a licensed veterinarian.
  8. To promote a favorable image of aviculture and its co-industries by increasing the awareness of the general public as to the necessity of our existence and our role in supplying the world pet trade without infringement on wild fauna, as well as the success of our production of endangered species.
  9. To promote a favorable image of aviculture and its co-industries by educating the public to recognize the fact that our production promotes conservation in that it is the way the public becomes familiarized with avian species.
  10. To create a national hot line for stolen birds.
  11. To actively seek to influence the pet industry through advertisement, so that they utilize Organization members as their primary source of birds.
  12. To create a legal aid fund and information base to assist those members whose legitimate rights to maintain an avicultural facility are threatened by local concerns.
  13. To actively seek to increase benefits to all members and create extra incentives for those that attain full Professional Fellowship.
  14. To actively find ways to define and classify the birds we maintain, on federal, state, county and municipal levels, so favorable status can be enjoyed by all those wishing to breed, sell or maintain them.
  15. To help protect the legal and promotional interests of aviculturists worldwide by sharing appropriate information and by presenting our organization as a model for organizations in other nations.