Membership Agreement for the Organization of Professional Aviculturists

The OPA Membership Agreement

The Membership Application has a single sentence to describe your Agreement as an OPA member: “Please type your full name to indicate that you understand OPA’s purpose as a trade organization and agree with OPA’s Mission ‘To protect the rights of all aviculturists to keep and breed birds, and the rights of the general citizenry to keep pet birds.'”

In addition, the Forum Guidelines specify the rules governing OPA’s email lists. The Code of Conduct below is included with the Forum Guidelines, and should be understood to be part of the Agreement you sign for membership.

Organization of Professional Aviculturists Code of Conduct

OPA has specific requirements regarding the conduct of its members.

OPA is a professional organization that will at times engage in political lobbying activities. Political lobbying activities require a constant and reliable presentation of a unified public face, and also requires the highest level of trust, confidence, discretion, and professional behavior from and among all of our members.

We must all understand and agree that what we say in our private communications with other members of OPA remains private.

This applies to postings to the OPA lists as well as any private communications between members regarding postings to, subjects discussed or opinions given, that are currently being or have been expressed on any OPA lists.

We must all understand and agree that we can be honest with each other in a positive manner, and speak to each other in a professional way, even if we disagree.

We must all understand and agree that we are all on the same “team,” even though at times we may disagree on particular matters.

We must all understand and agree that the political agenda of OPA takes priority over the personal agenda of any member.

Personal attacks by one member on another will not be tolerated and will be grounds for the offending member to be dismissed from OPA.

OPA requires that all members keep all matters discussed on this list (or any private communications regarding matters taken from this list) confidential unless the originating member who makes the communication expressly gives written permission for the information to be distributed outside of this list.

OPA requires that all members act in a professional manner towards all other members on the list at all times.